Massive Hail Damage in San Antonio

A large hail storm damaged roofs just north of downtown San Antonio in Bexar County, Texas. The storm occurred around  9 p.m. on April 12th, 2016. Damage is estimated at nearly $1.4 billion dollars. The hail stones were reported as large as grapefruits in some areas. If you suspect your home was damaged during the recent hailstorm contact Shelter Pro for a free roof inspection.

Repair the hail damage on your roof before it’s to late!

Hail Damage Claim Denied

St. Luke’s Episcopal was originally denied on a claim for hail damage. Shelter Pro helped the church recover the damages and replace the entire roof.

Hail damage is not always detected by the adjuster and often times the insurance company will reject your claim. A successful claim filing must be done quickly to ensure the necessary information and evidence is available. Insurance companies can place a limit on the time you have to file and often times may reject the claim altogether. Shelter Pro has helped thousand of San Antonio residents throughout the claims process, repairing millions of dollars in damages. It is important to always have an expert look at your roof if you are denied by your insurance company. Shelter Pro is a local roofing company in San Antonio with 30 years of experience in storm restoration and replacing hail damaged roofs. If you suspect your home was damaged in the recent storm call Shelter Pro for a free roof inspection.

Beware of Con Artists: Hail Damage Brings “Out of State” Roofers

Out of state roofers, often referred to as “Storm Chasers”, will be difficult to deal with once the work runs out. Once all the damage in San Antonio is repaired, these roofers and their crews will simply move on to the next storm leaving the warranty behind. Remember your roof is only as good as the company that backs the warranty. Don’t get scammed, Hire a local company with a stellar reputation. Hire Shelter Pro!

Don’t Become the Target of a High-Pressure Roofing Salesman

High Pressure Roofing SalesmanAll too often we see storm chasers placing ads for “Rock Star Closers”. They want to maximize the profit on each job by using high-pressure tactics to trick homeowners into signing their contracts. These companies care little about the communities they work in and put very little back into the local economy. Shelter Pro is proud to be a local San Antonio roofing company. Let Shelter Pro place a temporary cover on your damaged roof until you can have it repaired or replaced.

With 30 years of experience installing new roofs and repairing hail damage, Shelter Pro is an expert in the claims process. We have helped thousands of San Antonio residents get the amount they deserve from their insurance companies.

Hire Local, Hire SHELTER PRO!